Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2008

Newsroom - LDS Church

Donnerstag, 24. April 2008

Ân older Video für Lola's birthday

Jazlynn-Dane & Emily-Jane sang for Lola on her birthday last year 2007. Emily was still like almost a baby here.

Happy 77th Birthday to Papa/Lolo

Sonntag, 30. März 2008

I'm back!

...from nowhere! Glad to be here again after about 8 weeks of silence. Just got so busy..I don't know if that's the right justification for it? - but within these 8 weeks many has transpired: Primary activities in February and in March for Easter and being sick. I was sick again with flu in Februar and Emily the week to Easter. She was admitted in the hospital in the evening on the 16th and has to lay there for a week. She had constant high fever due to tonsilitis. The problem was she was not taking in fluids nor food. She was infused and so the antibiotics. It was her first time to be admitted and I guess that was more of a trauma for a 3 year old girl who was almost daily pricked either for blood samples or for catheter insertion. But one thing i can say, she is really brave and valiant, even more than I was expecting. And surely, even more than I am, for I am a "nurse with a loud OUCH"! :) I'm thankful she has recovered and how active she is right now.....hmmmm... I know this is not such a good thought but sometimes i wished or found it comfortable and peaceful when she's feverish, then we have silence and peace when she just lays on the couch and falls asleep.

"The Singing Patient - I am a Child of God"